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Pro 16" Black Studio Light Photo Jewellery Tent & Black/ White Riser Kit
Pro 16" Black Studio Light Photo Jewellery Tent & Black/ White Riser Kit

Our Price: $49.00

Product Code: 370934548499

  • Pro 16" Black Studio Light Photo Jewellery Tent & Black/ White Riser Kit

    Package includes

    1. 1 x 16" black/white jewellery tent with black/white backdrops
    2. 1 x black/white riser table with 4 legs

    (studio lights are not included)

    Studio Black Light Tent - 16 x 16
    The 16"x16" Special Effect Black Tent is a photo light tent that is simple to use for product photography. Produce high quality catalog style photos just like the pros. It is ideal for taking pictures of highly reflective objects such as watch, platinum, gold, silver, and diamonds. The isolated black nylon fabric creates a metallic luster when the light source is shined through the white diffusing stripes into the light tent and onto the object. Lights no longer reflect or pass through objects such as glass or crystals. The black interior reduces the hot spot and gives the object a 3d type of luster. It can be used to take photos of non-reflection items like a typical white light tent. Taking photos of highly reflective object is difficult for beginners or amateur photographers. The light tent is proven to be on useful tool any one can master and start taking photos like the pros.

    How it works
    Since the lighting is coming from the outside of the tent, the light house diffuses the light and reflects the light at all directions inside of the tent, thus reducing the glare and hot spot. The surround environment inside of a light house prevents image reflections of the room being captured by the camera.

    Product Features:

    High quality nylon fabric for better light isolation and diffusion
    Better light diffusion and isolation reduces hot spot and glare while taking photos of an object
    Produce professional looking photo with the Light tent
    Flexible metal wire frame, collapsible, and easy storage
    Great for products such as jewelry, watches, crystals, and highly reflective objects

    Acrylic Shadow Reflector Riser Table - Black and White
    30cm x 30cm Acrylic Riser Display Table The Acrylic Riser Display Table is supplied with both black and white acrylic polished surfaces to produce controlled reflections of objects when being photographed. Supported on 4 detachable legs, the 30cm x 30cm surface raises objects higher to allow low shallow angle reflections to be obtained. The riser table may also be used underneath a background cloth within a light tent cube to raise the object in order to obtain a variety of shallow angle and infinity backdrop effects. Flat packs for easy storage and is ideal for use within 40cm (16"), 50cm (20") or 80cm (32") size light tent cubes. Jewellery Glassware Mobile phones and PDA's Die-cast and plastic scale models Pottery/ceramics Clocks and watches Ornaments and collectables Beads and necklaces and more.

    Product Features:


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