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About Us - Canadian Studio
Photo, Video, Audio

About Us - Canadian Studio
Photo, Video, Audio

Why choose Canadian Studio

Why choose the new Canadian Studio

Founded in 2004, Canadian Studio is an integrated corporation that units research, manufacturing and in sales of professional studio equipment and camera accessories. After years of development, we have become one of the largest studio lighting equipment wholesalers on the West Coast. Our company now has a warehouse covering an area of 20,000 square feet located in Richmond, BC, Canada and hundreds of products. Rest assured that you are dealing with a professional company that cares about customer service. Our sales and after-sales team devote to give customers first-class services.

Photographers know that good lighting is the most important part of photography, and because of this, more and more people are buying lighting kits. But in a world in which every new seller seems to claim that their products are the cheapest, the smallest, the lightest and the best, how can you make the right choice?

You should choose Canadian Studio for:

Quality control is the key point to make us outstanding in photographic field. We ensure constant product reliability and design new varieties to meet special requirement of our clients. Based on strick quality control, we have faith to guarantee our clients the highest quality products.

Canadian Studio products are highly specified. We have worked really hard to ensure the specifications exceed the requirements for professional photographers.

Value for money
Canadian Studioprices are low (around 1/5 of the cost of Elinchrom & Bowens, the other quality manufacturers) and we achieve this good value by cutting out the middle man by selling direct. Canadian Studio lighting equipment represents truly professional quality and performance, at affordable prices.

Customer service
Besides offering a great product, we offer superb customer service. We are photographers ourselves!

Pick up the phone and talk with us, we use the products day in and day out. Our customer service manager is a well known professional studio photographer, not a salesperson. This means our advice and customer service is second to none.

Our products are an incredibly flexible and versatile range, for both studio, and in the field usage.

Lights that don’t have interchangeable reflectors can’t take a wide range of different accessories, and if they can’t do that then you won’t be able to shape, modify and control the light properly, and you’ll be disappointed with your results. All Canadian Studio flash heads have interchangeable reflectors and are fully compatible with the popular and very comprehensive range of S-fit accessories.

Ease of use
Big, clear displays and easy controls are important because they make your life easier. Canadian Studio flashes have a very full range of large, illuminated controls that are very easy to use.

Cost of accessories
If you’re a creative photographer you’ll want to add light modifiers and light shaping tools, so you’ll want a system that not only has a very wide range of these tools but which also allows you to use tools from a range of different makers, which keeps the costs right down. All
Canadian Studio digital flash heads accept Bowens ‘S’ fitting accessories, which means that you have an enormous range available at very reasonable prices.