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Photo Studio Hand Painted/ Dyed 6ft x 9ft Muslin Backdrop MT7011 Background
Photo Studio Hand Painted/ Dyed 6ft x 9ft Muslin Backdrop MT7011 Background

Our Price: $38.00

Product Code: 370873890697

  • NEW Hand Painted /Dyed Muslin Background REVERSED MT7011 size 6'X9'


    Each Muslin backdrop is individually handcrafted (no two are identical) and completely hemmed on all 4 sides.
    All are Hand Painted or Dyed on the Highest Quality Muslin Material by Our Talented Staff of Artists.
    Special Paints will not Crack or Rub off on Clients.
    Hand-dyed muslin backgrounds are constructed from 100% cotton muslin. The muslins are sun dried, making them lightfast and will not fade over time.
    Each muslin comes with it's own carrying bag.
    Backdrops supplied by Inspiron made from the highest quality muslin material, 100% cotton to absorb the light and help eliminate reflection, Seamless, Painted by skilled artist using high quality paints.
    Crimped along the edges to prevent tears.
    All backdrops are sold with money back guarantee.

    · Create the photos of your dreams! With different backgrounds, all your portraits will be a custom photograph. With several backgrounds in your arsenal of photo equipment, you can pick the background that best fits the special outfit the sitter brought in. Young or old, male or female, individual or a wedding party, the right background can mean the difference between an average photo and an award winning, family treasured portrait!
    · Inspiron has studied for many years the needs and wants of the beginner, advanced and professional photographer. All the equipment that bears the Inspiron name meets these essential qualifications, equipment that is dependable at a fair price. The Inspiron Belle Drape Muslins are no different. High quality fade resistant paints and dyes are matched with fine muslin material by background artists. The result, a beautifully painted muslin background at a price that allows all levels of photographers to own several.
    · Excellent backgrounds for still life and special effects photography

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