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Pro 4000 W Video Studio Photo Continuous lighting Softbox Light kit +Cases
Pro 4000 W Video Studio Photo Continuous lighting Softbox Light kit +Cases

Our Price: $399.00

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Product Code: 271307141874

  • 4000 Watt Flicker Free Daylight 'Flo' Bank System

    Complete set with 20 light bulbs, 4 softboxes, 4 light stands, 4 light fixture including powercords,
    2 heavy duty carrying cases
    The back of the set
    * 20"x28"silver-lined softbox with internal battle
    If you've been looking for a fluorescent (flo) lighting solution that will produce an amazing 2000 Watts of daylight equivalent light (5500K) while only drawing 550 Watts of power. Look no further!
    You'll shoot like a pro with these easy to use and economical Improved 2008 Model Cool Fluorescent Continuous Daylight lights for Portraits, Product Photography and Video! Priced hundreds $$ below camera store prices, these professional set ups are fully compatible with all Digital and Film cameras such as Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, Fuji, and Sony etc. Easier to Use than Hot Lights because they are cool and continuous (stay on no flash) and daylight balanced lighting for extra easy digital and film camera compatibility without white balance hassles, they are Family Friendly and children, seniors and pets love them! Plus your investment saves you money because of low electricity consumption, very long light bulb life (10,000 hour rated) and low initial investment price for new model equipment.
    Fully adjustable, Professional stands up to 2.1m (7ft) tall
    Free Heavy Duty Kit Bags are included
    Flo-lights, also called “cool” lights, are really a great approach to both video and photographic still or film lighting. In addition to utilizing very little current for the equivalent lighting power, compared to incandecent bulbs, they provide a very nice even flicker free lighting pattern virtually eliminating shadows. In addition, they are already color corrected to 5600 degrees Kelvin without the need of filters or having to continually white balance and they are fully compatible with the increasingly popular HMI lights. 5500K, as you may know, is the near equivalent to daylight.

    The other reasons that fluorescent lights have become so popular, both in the studio and on location, is the fact that they are cool (thus the industry slang – “cool lights”). That means that after hours of operation they generate hardly any heat. This makes them perfect for extended shoots, plus your models will love the fact they are doing far fewer cosmetic touch-ups. This virtually eliminates the need for a make-up artist on the set for the entire shoot.
    Included at the Buy It Now Price of just $399.00:
    (1) 4 x 5 Light Bank Selectable Light Fixtures including power cords
    (2) 20 x45 Watt Light Bulbs, Equivalent Output of 300 W each (total 6000 Watts)
    (3) 4 x (50cm*70cm) Silver Chrome Softboxes with removable front scrim.
    (4) 4 x 7 Foot Professional Light Stands.
    (5) 2 Heavy duty carrying cases

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