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Pro 16" Interchangeable Beauty Dish Honeycomb & White Diffuser for Elinchrom
Pro 16" Interchangeable Beauty Dish Honeycomb & White Diffuser for Elinchrom

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  • Pro 16" Interchangeable Beauty Dish Honeycomb & White Diffuser for Elinchrom

    Package includes:

    1x 16" beauty dish with interchangeable universal mount

    1x removable velcro eggcrate grid (honeycomb) 30 degree

    1x speedring for Elinchrom

    1x white diffuser


    * The Interchangeable beauty dish has a universal mounting adapter which can be used with any other brands of monolights by simply swich the speedring or work with your speedlight by adding a L bracket with hotshoe mount (sold seperately).

    *The technology built in these new 2013 units allows you to choose the mount you require for your flash strobe. This gives you the most flexibility for this type of modifier.

    (L bracket for your speedlite and carrying case is not included. Please click the following picture to purchase if you are interested. Shipping fee will be waived on the both items if they are purchased with the beauty dish)

    This is the perfect accessory for the portrait photographer. The beauty dish has an internal light shield that allows bounce-only lighting. This provides high output making it a perfect soft light source for portraits. It will also provide moderate round catch lights in the eyes where a softbox will yield larger rectangular catch lights. It also comes with a front cover diffuser for softer looks. This Beauty dish is made of 100% aluminum with superior design.

    Designed to give a wide, uniform softlight as well as shadow definition.
    Gradual fall-off makes it perfect for close-up beauty photography, fashion, portraiture, etc.
    The center disc that blocks out the direct light can be replaced by a semi-opaque opal glass disc to create a center hot spot which also eliminates a donut-hole effect in specular highlights.
    Produces a more abrupt shadow edge transfer than a soft box and a more diffuse quality of light than a standard reflector.
    The light created is between that of a direct flash and a softbox, hence giving the image of a wrapped, contrasted look, which adds a very dramatic effect.

    Beauty dish vs soft box.

    *Soft box provides soft and even lighting with soft shadows as the light rays bounce inside the box before eventually falling on the subject. Good for hiding minor skin imperfections.

    *Beauty dish provides harsher light than soft box yet retains the feathered edge of soft shadows. If you're looking for focus and contrast in the highlights that reveal fine details yet, want smooth shadow lines, use beauty dish.

    You'll find beauty dish used primarily for high fashion photography where the models have near perfect skin (or so much make up on that skin appears perfect). If the model has less than perfect skin, softbox will help soften and diffuse the light to hide those bumps and holes.

    Beauty dish can also be modified with centrally mounted diffusers of different opacity or reflectance as well as color to further fine tune the light.

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